You Want To Be A Toy Hands Dominant Mature Ma

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Do you want to be a toy at the hands of a dominant mature masseuse? Come for a penis massage and polish the acorn (palms) with the immobility of the body, when you reach ejaculation i will not stop Polishing.You can have a balaclava on your face and a gag in the shuts depends on your choice. Prague 10, Everything in private and discretion. I only accept by phone one hour in advance. Also practices. (Enema, I do not) Obediently call the tel! Prague 10 Strašnice I work 9:00 - 24:00
including weekends. Also lessons after Skype701.Payment credit,Lida-Tel 720331592

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Hlavní město Praha
Hlavní město Praha
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Kategorie: BDSM  |  Massage  |  BDSM
You Want To Be A Toy Hands Dominant Mature MaYou Want To Be A Toy Hands Dominant Mature Ma
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